Timing Belt renewal

Cambelt replacement kit

Cambelts Replacement (aka Timing belt or camshaft drive belt)

Cambelts are used to drive the opening and closing of the inlet and exhaust valves in your engine, Replacing the older timing chains/gears (although chains are starting to make a comeback in some makes and models), belts are more often quieter and cheaper to manufacture.

Replacement Intervals

Manufacturers have recommended replacement intervals, ranging between 40,000 to 120,000 miles or 4 to 10 years, but this also depends on regular maintenance and driving style - harsh driving and conditions will shorten the life of a cambelt as will oil and anti-freeze contamination.

Water pumps

Some cambelts also drive water pumps, when this is the case it is advisable to replace it at the same time. The increase in cost is negligible compared to having to remove the belt again, which means you'll be paying for the same job all over again. Also when the water pump is behind the cambelt cover it is harder to determine if it is leaking unless there is a noticeable coolant loss, this can be caused by the increased load on the bearings from the new timing belt and tensioner (if fitted).

When we replace your cambelt we will always use a kit, which can also include any mixture of the following:
- Cambelt (obviously)
- Tensioner Pulley
- Tension spring
- Guide pulley/s
- Bolts for any of the above or a crankshaft pulley bolt

We have the required special alignment tools for most makes and models to ensure that your cambelt is timed and tensioned for a long and reliable working life.